Wize Wizards

“What are Wize Wizards?

For thousands of years, we believed the wizards have hid from us, that they were afraid of humans and they wanted nothing to do with us.
This was not the case… THEY WERE CAPTURED! Held captive at the depths of the earth as humans feared their mighty powers.
Humans were hunting down wizards, and the survivors felt betrayed.
The stronghold had held them long enough. The survivors have ESCAPED!
They are now free and looking for the potions they spent hundreds of years developing.
Keep an eye on your wallets, as *they love to reside in code on the Cardano Blockchain..

Wize Wizards is a generative hand-drawn collection that goes beyond surface-level art; instills a storyline to the community as though they are the wizard themselves
Followed by: benefits to Wizard holders and developments throughout the journey in the Wizard metaverse.
Be careful, as in the future, your wizards may be tampered with, so hold them close and don’t let them out of your sights👀

🔮 As we want this project to be community driven, we will call upon you guys for input on our future plans 😄

We at Wize wizards plan to bridge the gap between DEFI and NFTS, using royalties from secondary sales to fund “The Cauldron” where we as a community will vote on purchases throughout the Cardano Metaverse, building the Wize Wizards Vault, the first CNFT DAO!”